India's real estate sector suffered a major setback during the first and the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic but now it is finally showing signs of steady recovery. Also, country's economy is recovering too, so people are back to buying properties. That's a good sign for Real Estate market!


If we talk about customers, they have also become very smart for they're investing their hard earned money. If someone goes to buy other commodities like gadgets or clothes then they can get the look and feel of it, try it and only if it suits them, buy it! But that is not always the case with real estate. If the building is ready-to-move-in then they can see it and purchase the property but at much higher price compared to the property which is yet to be constructed or under construction. So more often than not, builders starts selling project units before even foundation is laid. In the past, when customer goes to the builders, builders have only printed brochure to show and brochures mainly contain floor plans. But after advancement of 3D Graphics, currently builders create 3D images or walk-though videos of their project with some interiors and show it to the customers.

With that, customers can definitely have some idea of how their home will probably look when it will be ready but the issues remains the same; Customer can see their future home in 3D images printed on paper which ultimately becomes 2D or walkthrough video which is also done using 3D graphics but it displayed on 2D screen on mobile phone or LED TV screen. So while they can see it, they cannot experience it or feel what it would be like to be in their home after it is constructed or what will be the view from the balcony!

Here we talked about end consumers, but let's talk about big commercial projects where the builders have to show their project plans to their investors. Or Let's say an interior designer wants to show a client how his house will look and feel like after the interiors are done. In any case it will be 2D/3D design either printed on a paper or displayed on the screen. So whether it is the investor of commercial projects or clients of an interior designer, they can only see the proposed design or building but they can not "experience it".


To solve these issues we are bringing Virtual Reality solution for the real estate market. This solution can be used by the builders to make their investors or customers experience their projects or the interior designer to make their client experience the beautiful interiors they have created. Our Virtual Reality solutions are making the life of builders, interior designers and customers very easy by giving them extraordinary immersive experience.


Video showing how customers can roam through the property and can see each and every corner of the property.

Above is a saying in Hindi which means, "if your customers can't see or experience your product then they won't go ahead and buy it". Our VR solutions uses VR headsets like Google Cardboard and Oculus Quest/Rift, so customer can have fully immersive experience. And they feel like they are actually standing in there future home. They can move anywhere in the house using hand controllers and check every corner of the property at their will, which is not possible in printed brochure or walkthrough video.

They can even pickup objects, operate equipments in the house. For example, if they want to open cupboards and wants to see what's inside, then yes, they can! The customer can observe every nook and cranny of the property. They can even walk around different public areas like Gym, Sports Grounds if there are any.


Video showing how customers can browse through different interior options available.

One of the salient feature of our VR solution is we give customisation options for the interiors of the property. What happens generally, walk-through videos or Sample house built by builders will have only one preset of interior. Our VR solution have a feature, using that, customer can change, place or move interior items. We give different options for the interior.

If you don't like the chair we have placed then no worries, change it or remove it. You can also change the floor tiling and wall colours so you can build your own dream home and can see how it will look. Interior designers can also use this feature to show their customers different designs options by changing interiors.



Dimensions plays very important part when customers go to buy any property. "Yeh room kitna bada hai ?" Is the first question they ask after entering any room. Don't worry we have taken care of that question. We display dimensions of any room or any salient feature of that room or any other important information of that room as soon as customer enters the room in VR using text or using voice over. Also we have given feature where customer can measure the dimension of any room or any object of their choice manually. If you want measure length and width manually. You Can. If you want to measure the room diagonally, then also you can do it manually using our measurement feature.



One of the best feature of our VR solution is that we show the actual surrounding in VR to the consumers. So consumer can have an exact idea how beautiful the view will be, when they stand in the balcony of the property. For this we use 360 drones camera to captures the surroundings and we put it into the VR. So your customer can enjoy the view from balcony of their future home even before the property is constructed or while the property is still under construction.


Often this question is asked to us by our clients. We are providing this VR solutions as an add-on with regular 3D walkthrough videos. And all the features are customisable. So if you don't want any feature of our VR solution, then you don't have to pay for it! If you are giving us walkthrough video and want only roam around feature for the VR then we will charge ONLY for that feature.

Also, we create VR solutions using regular medium range Android Phones with Google Cardboard headset (which hardly costs you 250 Rupees). So if you are builder and you want to create VR for your new project we can also create VR Solution as an add-on to your regular walkthrough video. Even if you have given walkthrough video to other agency, no worries, we can reuse that 3D component and spin up your VR solution for you in cost effective manner.


We also create VR solutions for the higher end VR headsets like Oculus Rift which promises amazing quality as compared to the other option discussed above. So our VR solutions ranges from Cost Effectiveness to Higher Quality.


We did crunch the numbers for you because in business, numbers are everything! So please check if you are builder or real estate consultant then our VR Solution will act as powerful marketing tool for you. VR walk-through can help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue.

  • People are shown to be 300% more engaged with our VR Solution than they are with 2D imagery.

  • 95% of people are more likely to call about properties with VR solution.

  • 99% of builders or real estate consultant say a VR solution would give their property a competitive edge.

  • By showcasing vacation rentals using our VR Solution, Owners can improve its customers experiences, driving a 14% increase in occupancy for its rental properties.

  • For hotels and holiday homes, VR Walk-through increase bookings, drive higher occupancy rates, and improve engagement rates giving your guests a taste of what to expect.

  • For public spaces, like museums and galleries, virtual tours help event planners to make better informed booking decisions by giving them a fully immersive, fully detailed VR vision of the perfect venue. By enabling planners to see and explore your venue in immersive VR, you will save time on in-person visits and book more events.

So If you are builder, interior designer or real-estate consultant, please feel free to contact us at or Schedule Meeting with us for the demo.

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