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Multitouch Interactive Surface

Interactive Multi-Touch Displays and Surface Computing Technology

A Multi Touch Surface is essentially a giant touch screen that can process multiple touches at once. And in our case, a virtually unlimited amount of touches. By allowing multiple touches, gestures can be performed on surface. These gestures are typically simple things like pinching and pulling on an image to zoom in and out. By supporting gestures like these interfacing with a computer becomes much more intuitive and fun. In a public place, a Multi-Touch surface can be a real attention grabber.

Customized Software and Hardware

  • Parellel Reading System for Libraries
  • Automobile Dealer Application
  • Customized Engineering Display Application


Multitouch Table,wall and floor for exhibitions, show rooms corporate office etc.

Hash Media's Illuminate interactive multi-touch surface computing technology with a motion sensing gesture control interface lets users navigate interactive content on a floating panel, , multi touch surface screen, interactive table or interactive window. Surfaces can be configured with a multi-touch interface for multi-touch or multi-point interaction.

With no projector or hardware to be seen, the effect is unforgettable as GestureTek’s dynamic interactive displays react to every point of your finger or wave of your hand, delivering a rich, interactive experience.

The hand tracking system lets you control multi-media in ways you never imagined, transforming an ordinary surface into an interactive multi-touch surface computing platform. Illuminate surfaces are available as interactive multi-touch display panels and windows, interactive kiosks and multi-touch tables. Multi-touch interactive surface displays come turnkey or can be customized to virtually any shape or size.

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